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Boogie Of The Apes NYC

We're taking the show on the road! Boogie of the Apes is the second in a series of hilarious productions lip-synced to vintage children’s records of famous comic book, TV, and movie franchises. This raucous send-up of the 1970s Planet of the Apes franchise lampoons, critiques, and ever-so-gently mocks the first four movies in less than an hour. Come see Taylor, Dr. Zira, Cornelius, Nova and many more apes, humans and mutants come full circle in their journey through time and space and, of course, boogie down a bit too. (Please note: no gorillas, orangutans or chimpanzees are harmed in this production.)

And now we're taking it to New York!

Writer and director Rob Matsushita has made a name for himself as a playwright, director and filmmaker. He's had plays performed by companies in Madison, Chicago and New York City. Matsushita has also lent his writing and acting talents to the "Chad Vader" web series with Blame Society Productions.

The cast includes the talents of Jessica Jane Witham, Dan Myers, Alan J. Hart, Grace Grindrod-Feeny, Benjamin Otto, Anthony Cary, Kathy Lynn Sliter, and Luke Kokinos. Technical direction is provided by Taylor Kokinos and choreography is from Katie Ramos.

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