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Broom Street Theater is proud to announce the creation of a new feature of our theater experience: Broom St. Late Night!

Broom Street Late Night is a new series of shows that take place after our main stage shows. These shows are a bit darker, have a sharp edge and a visceral experience. The criteria given to the writers for each show is that they are one hour or less, have a small cast and little or no set. These are limited runs and will only have 6 to 8 performances.

Our Late Night Season contains 3 shows:

The Point of it All – Written by Dan Myers
Boogie After Dark – Written by Rob Matsushita
Basic Help – Written by Ben Clawson

Our first show, The Point of it All, opening April 30th, will run after Doug Reed’s "The Nails" for 8 performances.

The Point of the All is a very dark look into the lives of those caught in the grip of addiction and just how often the things we do for love are often the same things that we are driven to by that disease. A young couple with big dreams discovers that their reality is paid for in the cost of their addictions.

This show features: Alissa Taylor, Bob Moore, John Jajewski, Luke Kokinos and Sara Beth Hahner. Written and Directed by Dan Myers.

Also, during the run, the pre-show show music will be performed by Meghan Rose. Ticket Prices are 9$. If you see both shows, Tickets are 16$.

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