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Monster Boogie

Note: The lighting designer for Monster Boogie is Taylor Kokinos, and not Luke Kokinos as stated in the podcast episode.

Monster Boogie

By Rob Matsushita

Directed by Rob Matsushita

Monster Boogie, the final Boogie written and directed by Rob Matsushita!

A "Boogie" is a show where we play spoken word or children's albums, and act them out onstage (going by the mindset of the children we were when we first heard them)

Monster Boogie is another vinyl-strewn romp through spoken word albums of the past, and this time, we're taking on horror, because you always save the best for last!

Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, serial killers, and the working-class heroes who bust them. This is your last chance to Boogie!

Produced by Broom Street Theater at Broom Street Theater, 1119 Williamson Street, Madison

Performances: February 12 - March 5, 2016

Performance Times:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, at 8pm

Ticket Prices: 11.00

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