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Morticians in Love

By Christi Stewart-Brown

Directed by Suzan Kurry

"Every body should love death this much."

A shy mortuary owner and her assistant toil alone among the dead until the arrival of a handsome rival mortician who wants to share more than workspace. And the two corpses make five. “V-day is all but dead … flowers and chocolates, formaldehyde and chloroform…”

The play has no nudity, although the corpses will be scantily clad and there are adult sexual situations.

Praise for the play:
"In the midst of death, there is life and love--sacred, profane, unrequited and almost always dysfunctional--in Christi Stewart-Brown's very black, five-character comedy (counting two corpses). Scarcely fare for the squeamish, with its excursions into heterosexual and homosexual couplings among the living and dead, the play nonetheless comes off as a caustic, funny, sharp-eyed autopsy on the difficulties of love...Morticians in Love may be morbid, but it has a heart." - The New York Times

"...a morbid, pervy, and very funny farce...Sure, it's strange, but strangely touching too." - The Washington Post

Christi Stewart-Brown's charmingly morbid comedy is so cheerful and upbeat, you'll hardly believe that you're watching a play about bisexual necrophilia."
— Paul Birchall, Back Stage West

"Morticians is a simple enough idea: the tender story of first love between two devout necrophiliacs. Now, the idea itself gets a laugh, but what's a pleasure is that Stewart-Brown follows through and creates characters, dialogue, and stagings that are a real joy to watch" — Matthew Richter, The Stranger (Seattle)

Produced by Kathie Rasmussen Women's Theatre at Bartell Theater's Drury Stage, 113 E. Mifflin St. , Madison

Performances: February 24 - March 4, 2017

Performance Times:
Friday, Feb 24 -- 8pm
Saturday, Feb 25 -- 8pm
Sunday Feb 26 -- 4pm MATINEE
Wednesday, Mar 1 -- 8pm half price tickets
Thursday, March 2-- 8pm $5 Discount for two or more together
Friday, March 3 -- 8pm
Saturday, March 4 -- 4pm MATINEE
Saturday, March 4 -- 8pm

Ticket Prices: $20

Call 608-661-9696 for reservations or more information.

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