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Suzan and Buzz dusted off their fancy duds and attended the annual Bartie Awards so they could chat with some of the winners.

  • Ariel LeBron (Best Choreographer co-winner; "The Nance")
  • Michelle Dayton (Best Prop Design; "Steel Magnolias")
  • Zak Stowe (Best Lighting Design - Evjue; "Die, Mommie, Die")
  • Edric Johnson (Best Actor in a Short; Barbara in "Crafty," Wrong for the Part)
  • Scott Albert Bennett (Best Lead Actor in a Comedy; Angela in "Die, Mommie, Die")
  • Whitney Derendinger (Best Supporting Actor in a Drama; Caleb in "The Whipping Man")
  • Tosumba Welch (Best Lead Actor in a Drama; Simon in "The Whipping Man")
  • Bonnie Balke (Producer of "August: Osage County," Best Production of the Season)
  • David Pausch (Director of "August: Osage County")
  • Gretchen Wheat (Sarah Whelan Award recipient)
  • Stacey Garbarski (Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy; Edith in "Die, Mommie, Die")
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