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In their first appearance with MadStage Podcast, Know Better Productions presents The White Rose. Suzan and Buzz talk with Ethan Richard about Know Better Productions and this remarkable play about the group that boldly protested against Naziism in Germany.

The White Rose

By Lillian Groag

Directed by Simone LaPierre

The play chronicles the arrest, interrogation and eventual execution of a group of University of Munich students who protested the Nazi regime at the height of World War II. The students assigned to themselves the name White Rose.

Produced by know better productions at Broom Street Theater, Art In Gallery, and Intuit Art Center.

Performances: November 4-18, 2017

Performance Times: 
Nov 4 - 5 (Broom Street Theatre - 1119 Williamson St, Madison, WI 53703)
Sat Nov 4:  3p Show - 8p Show
Sun Nov 5:  3p Show  (Talkback after show - Talkback Guest Dr Stephani Richards-Wilson:  Dr. Stephani Richards-Wilson teaches in the Social Impact graduate program at Claremont Lincoln University.  Her research interests include social entrepreneurship, business education, and Nazi resisters, most notably Willi Graf of the White Rose.)

Nov 10 - 11 (Art In Gallery - 1444 E Washington Ave Madison WI 53704)
Fri Nov 10:  8p Show
Sat Nov 11:  8p Show

Nov 18 (Intuit Art Center - 756 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642)
Sat Nov 18:  7p Show

Visit for more information.

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