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Requiem for a Dungeon Master

Written by: Scott Feiner & Directed by: Scott Feiner

Playing: January 10, 2014 - February 1, 2014

Not so long ago and close to home, monsters, wizards, dreams and dragons were packaged into a thousand cardboard boxes.  A small group of friends in Lake Geneva dared to loose upon the world the “most dangerous” game 1974 had to offer.   Role playing games channeled the creative energy of millions, even if they’re afraid to admit it.

 Requiem  introduces Winslow Phelps to our stage and welcomes back Geremy Webne-Behrman, Dunes and Clarice Lafayette.

Requiem for a Dungeon Master will run at Broom Street Theater at 8pm January 10th until February 1st. Tickets are $11.00.  For more information or to make reservations contact Broom Street Theater at

(608) 244-8338.

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